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OOC Information
Player handle: Tetra

Contact details: [ profile] Tetradecimal 

Time zone: PST

Other characters: N/A

IC Information
Name: Amamiya Kazuhiko
Nicknames/Alias: N/A

Age: late 20s

Source canon: MPD Psycho

The man currently known as Amamiya Kazuhiko is generally even-tempered, cool, and slightly distant. Though his canon occupation as a private criminologist brought him into contact with horrific crime scenes, often the work of deeply disturbed perpetrators, Amamiya could be counted on to act logically and responsibly in investigating his cases and profiling suspected criminals. If, on the other hand, he found himself in a situation with living (and thus potentially savable) victims, Amamiya could be impulsive and even rash -- he once grabbed a policeman's gun to shoot the lock off a door, for example, and tackled a man being shot at from a helicopter to try and save his life. 
Amamiya's profiles were both reliable and insightful, such that he quickly became a valued resource to those who knew and worked with him; his straightforward manner of speech, even when discussing particularly unsavory elements of a crime scene, was easy to understand even for those outside his profession. However, he remained very aware that he was an ex-con before his stint as a criminologist -- he'd been convicted of killing a serial murderer out of revenge after the man murdered his girlfriend. Though he remained insistent that he hadn't killed anyone, he was often the first to point out that his background made him suspect to his current colleagues, as they might reasonably harbor doubts that he could kill again. 
The story as originally understood by Amamiya's colleagues: Amamiya Kazuhiko is a recently-surfaced split personality, which replaced that of ex-police officer Kobayashi Yousuke as a means with coping with the shock after the horrific victimization of Kobayashi's girlfriend, Chizuko. Though Amamiya claims that Kobayashi is "dead" (after presumably shooting the murderer in what is assumed to be a revenge killing), his former police colleagues cannot be completely sure that his story about multiple personalities is really true, as Kobayashi might have concocted the story to avoid facing the full brunt of the law. Throughout MPD Psycho, events suggest that the Kobayashi personality truly is gone, and that Amamiya (at least at the start of the manga) is now the 'dominant' persona. 
Over time, Amamiya learns that he is not the only personality currently inhabiting his body. To his own distress, he learns that he also houses Nishizono Shinji, a cold-blooded criminal who was the true culprit behind the 'revenge killing'. Though Amamiya is able to suppress Nishizono to some degree, there are times (particularly when Amamiya is in extreme danger) when the Nishizono personality takes over and he is left ignorant of what his body has been used to do while he was 'unconscious'. Generally speaking, Amamiya tries to avoid the use of lethal force at all cost, even risking his own life to prevent criminals from being killed. Though absent-minded at times, he is dedicated in his work, thoughtful, and appreciative of his colleagues' attempts to support and trust him. 
Nishizono, on the other hand, might best be described as Amamiya's shadow: self-serving, cunning, callous, and often cruel. He is motivated most often by his love of chaos, as well as his desire to survive and his willingness to take even the most unsavory of clients if it means extra money to line his pockets. Violent and vindictive, Nishizono once even ran down a former employer with a car for framing him for a murder. Nishizono claims to care little for Amamiya's friends (although he apparently enjoys Amamiya's taste in women) and even less for Amamiya's occasional interference when he's about to gun someone down. 
But wait, there's more! Amamiya and Nishizono are not the sole surviving personalities inhabiting their body, the others being: 
Amamiya Minako: Amamiya Kazuhiko's mother, a blind woman who works as a nurse. Generally calm and reserved, she has neat, girly handwriting and does not appreciate being addressed as a man. She is relatively defenseless in a fight and though Amamiya is perfectly capable of seeing, she cannot.
Murata Kiyoshi: A dimwitted young man who considers himself Nishizono's friend. He is convinced that Nishizono killed multiple people who had tormented and bullied Murata when they were both children. Murata speaks haltingly and is slow to react to new developments. Unlike some of the other personalities, he is semi-aware that he isn't the only one inhabiting his body. Murata will work with actively with Nishizono's allies; when Kobayashi Yousuke was the dominant personality, Murata would feed police information to criminals for pay.
Sakurai Kotone: A young, headstrong girl about which not much is known.

Canon history:
In his earlier life as Kobayashi Yousuke, Amamiya pursues a serial killer named Shimazu, who abducts people and dismembers them as his modus operandi. After taking an interest in Kobayashi's girlfriend Chizuko, Shimazu kidnaps her and delivers her dismembered torso to Kobayashi's office -- still alive. Though Chizuko is taken to the hospital, Kobayashi turns off her life support and subsequently chases down Shimazu. During their confrontation, Kobayashi's personality disappears permanently and is replaced by that of Nishizono, who shoots and kills Shimazu. As his fellow police officers arrive on-scene, Nishizone leaves Amamiya in control of their shared body to deal with the aftermath. 
During the trial, Amamiya insists that he is not Kobyashi, but is treated as a faker. During his prison sentence, he helps his former colleagues by constructing criminal profiles for them. After he's paroled, he agrees to live with one of them -- a woman named Isono Machi -- as a private contractor. 
Amamiya begins work on several serial murder cases in succession, including that of a female cannibalistic killer and a man who uses the skulls of living humans as planters for his flower arrangements. During this time, Amamiya realizes that each of these killers has a bar code on the white of one of their eyes. 
Another man named Murata Kiyoshi appears and begins to collect dead bodies in an attempt to catch Amamiya's attention. Calling Amamiya 'Nishizono', Murata appears to be connected to Amamiya's childhood, of which Amamiya has little to no memory. After Machi's younger sister is kidnapped as part of Murata's attempts to make 'Nishizono' remember the past, Amamiya is forced to uncover the 'truth' (though this is likely yet another partially-true version of past events), as follows:
Murata, Nishizono, Amamiya Kazuhiko, Kotone, Amamiya Minako, and Kobayashi were all once residents of a home/clinic for children, in which Amamiya Minako served as a nurse. Murata was bullied by several of the other children. For reasons unknown, Nishizono killed everyone but himself and Murata, then set fire to the home. After telling Murata that he did it to get back at those who bullied Murata, both Nishizono and Murata emerged as the sole survivors of the fire. Murata took the blame for the deaths, but was not held responsible because he was a minor and also deemed mentally incompetent. Nishizono introduced himself to the rescue workers as "Kobayashi Yousuke", and subsequently became an individual possessing personalities that matched each of the former residents of the clinic (including Murata, who was still alive). 
Nishizono resurfaces as Amamiya confronts the real Murata, who has since grown up. Murata botches an attempt to kill a victim and dies. 
Afterwards, several more serial murderers (all with the same eyeball tattoo) appear. It becomes clear that they have another connection with each other: many of them are fans of Lucy Monostone, a deceased counterculture icon, sex symbol, and terrorist. Similarly, many seem to be connected to a mysterious organization called Gakuso. In Volume 5, a 'new generation' of these killers, the Lucy 7, begin terrorizing Japan: formerly normal children who all bear the same tattoo. Amamiya pursues them with a famous American criminal investigator, only to encounter something truly bizarre: another person that possesses the same 'Nishizono Shinji' personality that he does. (Canon point is end of Volume 5.)

AU Information
Appearance: Amamiya is a tall, slender man with dark hair, fine features, and an unusual tattoo.He favors business casual wear, with collared shirts and neatly-kept jackets. He also wears a pair of oval-framed glasses, though only as Amamiya -- as Nishizono, he'll remove his glasses, as he "doesn't need them". In short, his appearance shouts ‘nerd’: someone to be overlooked, underestimated, and seldom noticed – which suits him, as he seems to favor blending into the crowd.

As an added note, in canon Amamiya has an eyeball tattoo. Though it is not visible normally, there is a barcode imprinted on the white of his eye, beneath his pupil and hidden under his lower eyelid (I'm fine if he can't keep this in-game). 

While Amamiya dresses in a more formal fashion, Nishizono favors casual wear, including collars that hang open, disheveled-looking jackets, and anything else young men with an attitude problem might be wearing these days. Both men are lanky, but when Nishizono is at the helm, he has a looser, more expansive way of conducting himself and would probably take two or three seats up on the subway just to be difficult. 
Little is known about how the other personalities would dress, though Murata seems to like printed T-shirts.

History: Amamiya is a relatively recent graduate from a medical school of good repute. He was set to be your average city physician -- not part of the laboring class, the sort of fellow a family would invite over to dinner during house calls. His family, while not obnoxiously rich, was reasonably well-off. After an unfortunate accident (see below), however, they decided Amamiya ought to pack his things and move off to the 'country'. Now, Amamiya is mostly resigned to being a country doctor in a setting where it's hoped he can keep his former disgrace on the down-low. 
Before the accident, Amamiya was an enthusiastic go-getter who buried himself in his studies and dreamed of being a prestigious physician. Now, however, Amamiya gives off the distinct impression of a newly-minted realist who has accepted that he'll never be in those elite medical journals. Nevertheless, he remains a diligent (if slightly spaced-out) professional who will do his best to serve his patients. 
In moving to Lethevale to establish his new practice, Amamiya left behind a young woman who had once been set to become his fiancee, as well as his immediate family. He writes to them on occasion, but only his family members are likely to write back. Amamiya is an only child, but has a number of aunts, uncles, and cousins, all of whom are busy with their respective lives and none of whom live in Lethevale. His childhood was similarly rather boring; his father was a reasonably successful businessman and his mother was a respectable housewife, and the only real complaint Amamiya could really lay claim to was that his parents insisted he focus on his studies above any other pursuits.
Currently, Amamiya is not aware of his other personalities, although he is vaguely aware that he has periods in which he spaces out and is not clear on what he's been doing. 

Job: Physician. Formerly rather well-looked-upon, Amamiya is now regarded by friends and family as a sort of unfortunate cautionary tale. Likely those in his new home will be wondering why a new doctor is setting up shop in Lethevale. Is there something wrong with him?

Reason for coming to Lethevale: Amamiya enjoyed a few years of success as a practicing physician before deciding to employ a cutting-edge anesthetic tool that had been proposed by a fellow doctor from America: nitrous oxide. Most unfortunately, his patient suffered a cardiac event and died, leading to questions about the competence (and judgment) of a young doctor a little too eager to delve into experimental medicine. To avoid further disgrace, he decided to move to Lethevale.

Inventory: Medical books, basic medical equipment, a revolver, a nice pocketwatch from his would-be fiancee. 

Prose Sample: Amamiya's horse had bolted; half his books were lost and the others were no doubt becoming ever more sodden as he trudged along in the storm. He was walking along what could optimistically be called an animal trail and trying not to think about how he'd left the sound of running water far behind and even if it hadn't been, the sounds of the wind and now the rain would have obscured it. 
It was his own fault, he told himself, for agreeing to take the horse. It was -- had been -- a bony, ill-tempered nag who had taken a disliking to him upon their first meeting. But it was the only horse, he told himself. 
The Only Horse had most of his food, too, though it had been so courteous as to drop his little medical bag before it had turned tail at the sound of that animal cry. Possibly it had been the cry of a human, though his father had told him before he'd left that in the country there were strange noises that sometimes sounded human but were not. Like foxes. Or deer? 
He tried honestly to recall if he had ever heard the cry of a deer, but of course he had not -- there were no deer in the city.

Anything else: 


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